i cannot get the internet connection

I found the very nice Italian restaurant near the Jiang Su Road.
The name is the “Da Marco”(not exact).
I went there yesterday with my friends.
My favorite is the oil based pasta, which was really delicious.
Anyway, it’s definetly the one of the MUST-GO place in Shanghai.

hmm… Today I have the problem that I cannot connect to the internet from my house.
The PC’s error message is [the login name or password is invalid].
WHY? I called to CNC, which is the ISP in China, and asked them the reason.
They have the English service, so very nice and helpful.
But the service line is so often busy. I think there is the similar problem of the phone services in any coutries…
I tried again and again.
And finally, I got the line and asked the reason to the operator.
I found the reason was that there is the NO MONEY LEFT in my account…very simple.
So, I seems to fail to pay for this month payment.
I, however, haven’t received the invoce so far…hmmm…strange.
Anyway, I have to go to the CNC’s office today and charge the money into my account.
really troublesome…
Now I entry this message from the internet access in my villa’s club house.
This PC dosen’t have the Japanese and cannot install by myself.
So, I entried the today’s blog in English.

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